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Intel Sonoma Launch Party

TV tuners are becoming increasingly popular in consumer targeted laptops, such as this Elonex, and according to Intel, will become a common sight by the end of the year .

Evesham displayed its smart new Centrino model. The chassis is designed by Asus so don't be surprised to see it used by other UK laptop vendors.

HP had two new models on show, a thin and light business machine and a larger system targeted at the SOHO market. The thin and light model featured a new type of laminated paint which HP claimed is much more scratch resistant than current types of paint.

HP also has a new travel battery that fits all of its new machines. This should retail for around £80 excluding VAT, which is quite affordable for an extended battery. Also on display was HP’s new docking solution featuring an Express Card slot (not pictured), although neither of its two laptops on show had one.

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