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Intel Sonoma Launch Party


Intel Sonoma Launch Party

Last night Intel held an official launch party for its new Centrino platform, previously codenamed Sonoma. Several of Intel’s partners were displaying new products and TrustedReviews was there to grab some shots, so if you like pictures of laptops, you’ve come to the right place.

First up is Acer with the TravelMate 8100, which we will hopefully have a review sample of shortly.

AOpen also had the 1558-J series on display and it featured an Express Card slot, which surprisingly only a few manufacturers seem to have adopted so far. We expect though, that this will be a common feature on all Centrino machines later this year.

Asus displayed several models, one boasting a large widescreen display and another much smaller ultra-portable featuring an integrated camera.

Dell was showing off two new Latitude models, one standard size and one thin and light.

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