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Intel Ships Cheap Quad Core Mobile CPU

Gordon Kelly


Intel Ships Cheap Quad Core Mobile CPU

While netbooks may still be awaiting their first dual core Atom CPUs, owners of fully fledged (grown up?) laptops are about to get affordable quad cores...

Intel has announced it has now begun shipping the 'Q9000', a 2GHz quad core CPU that will sell for significantly less than the current QX9300 and QX9100 but comes with the compromise of 50 per cent less cache (just 6MB verses 12MB).

That said, the aforementioned savings are huge with the Q9000 shipping in bulk volumes at just $348 each, a huge reduction on the QX9300 and Q9100 which sell in similarly high quantities at $1,038 and $851 apiece. In fact the Q9000 could become the first CPU to move quad core mobile computing into the mass market - providing its 45W TDP isn't too much of a hindrance.

As for willing laptop manufacturers Acer has already shown its hand and will be bundling the Q9000 into the Aspire 8930G-7665 (an 18.4in multimedia-centric machine) while Apple is expected to unveil a quad core MacBook at MacWorld with the Q9000 thought to be taking the box seat.

Holding off that laptop upgrade a little longer? Yep, new year - same old, same old...


Intel Q9000 Information Page

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