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Intel Sees Earnings Skyrocket 875%

Gordon Kelly


Intel Sees Earnings Skyrocket 875%

We don't usually report financial figures these days (turns out our stats engine revealed you weren't fans) - but this is something rather out of the ordinary...

Shrugging off its $1.25bn AMD settlement, Intel has announced its fourth quarter results and we're astounded. In bullet points:

  • Revenue $10.6 Billion, up $2.3 Billion and 28% Year-over-Year

  • Record Gross Margin of 65%, up 12 Points Year-over-Year

  • Operating Income $2.5 Billion, up $958 Million and 62% Year-over-Year

  • Net Income $2.3 Billion, up $2.0 Billion and 875% Year-over-Year

  • EPS 40 Cents, up 36 Cents Year-over-Year
"Intel's strong 2009 results reflect our investment in industry-leading manufacturing and product innovation," said (I would imagine overjoyed) Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini. "This strategy has enabled us to generate unprecedented operating efficiencies while growing our traditional businesses and creating exciting new market opportunities, even in difficult economic times. Our ability to weather this business cycle demonstrates that microprocessors are indispensable in our modern world. Looking forward, we plan to deliver the benefits of computing to an expanding set of products, markets and customers."

Dampeners? Well, it now has to cross licence its IP with AMD for the next five years - which can only assist its rival - and there's the little matter of it being sued by the US government. That said, after these results who'd bet against Intel steamrollering right through both of these and dishing out yet more monstrous figures in Q1?

So the big question: who has Intel shares...


Intel Financial Results

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