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Intel Readying 6-Core Nehalem for Release This Year


Intel Readying 6-Core Nehalem for Release This Year

Our good friends at bit-tech have gleaned from some anonymous sources that Intel will be bringing 6-cell Nehalem-based processors to its LGA1366 platform later this year.

The release is, supposedly, likely to coincide with that of Core i5 when it launches in a few months. According to bit-tech's sources, the chip - or possibly chips? - will be compatible with current, and forthcoming, motherboards. Most motherboard manufacturers have already started making their kit compatible so no fiddling should be needed. At worst, a BIOS update might be necessary for those running older platforms.

The 6-core CPUs will sit alongside the Core i7 975, which is set to become the only quad-core Nehalem processor on LGA1366, as Intel will be phasing the rest of its Core i7 processors out, in favour of Core i5. Intel's six-core chips aren't, says bit-tech, gong to be Core i7-branded, however, although a final name hasn't been decided. We can guess, at least, that the 'Core' part of the moniker will almost certainly stay.

Prospective pricing isn't talked about, but you can bet these CPUs are going to be almost crazily expensive.



Martin Daler

June 11, 2009, 12:42 am

so that's it then, my shiny new Core i7 PC is now so June 2009!


June 11, 2009, 5:02 am

Even now we can get the Intel Core i7 975 Extreme in a Laptop!! Sager 9280, Check it out.


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