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Intel Launches Quad Core Flagship Gaming CPU

Gordon Kelly


Intel Launches Quad Core Flagship Gaming CPU

If you're one of those hardcore gamers who absolutely must have the very latest hardware then Intel has something just for you...

Long ahead of schedule it has released the 'Core 2 Extreme QX6800' which – clocked at 2.93GHz – is a new flagship for its quad core line of desktop processors.

Built using the 65nm fabrication process the LGA775 format QX6800 is equipped with 8MB of L2 cache (4MB between each pair of processing cores) and supports a 1,066MHz frontside bus. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) is onboard too along with 64bit technology and Virtualization Technology (VT).

The QX6800 is available now – some three months before it had been anticipated – for an MSRP of $999. The early launch makes sense given that standard Core 2 Duos will be able to support 1,333MHz FSBs by Q3 which would have taken some of the shine off this top end part.

If you're got the readies – and the power crazed mentality – you know exactly what to do...


Intel Core 2 Extreme

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