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Golden Gate Reference Design

As a proof of concept, Intel showed off what it called the Golden Gate PC. This tiny device is a complete media PC powered by a dual-core Yonah CPU. There’s also an integrated TV tuner, a memory-card reader and DVI output. I think that an HDMI interface might be a better option than DVI, but you can get a DVI to HDMI converter - and to be fair, this is a very early sample.

Despite the Golden Gate’s tiny dimensions, the connectivity options are impressive – it’s got three USB 2.0 ports, one six-pin FireWire port, modem socket, Ethernet port, S-Video output, headphone/line-in port and a mic socket; there’s even a slot loading DVD writer thrown in! Obviously with a device this small there’s no room for an integrated power supply, so you’re going to need to use an external power brick, but the upshot of this will be even cooler system internals.

The best thing about the Golden Gate PC, is that it’s proof that Intel is pushing the mobile platform into small form factor, living room based machines. I would expect to see several retail products based on Golden Gate reference design, but really what you’re looking at is an indication of what the future will hold.


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