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Intel Abandons All Dedicated Graphics Plans

Gordon Kelly


Intel Abandons All Dedicated Graphics Plans

Back in December Intel announced it was to cancel Larrabee, its ambitious but flawed attempt to enter the multi-core discrete graphics market. At the time it did offer us some hope with the statement that "Additional plans for discrete graphics products will be discussed some time in 2010" and now we know what those plans are...

Nothing. Yes, sadly Intel has confirmed it will abandon all plans to enter this sector and instead focus on the lower powered integrated graphics it builds around its CPUs. In an official statement it explained:

"We will not bring a discrete graphics product to market, at least in the short-term. As we said in December, we missed some key product milestones. Upon further assessment, and as mentioned above, we are focused on processor graphics, and we believe media/HD video and mobile computing are the most important areas to focus on moving forward."

So ATI/AMD and Nvidia won't be getting the substantial new rival in the performance graphics market which they arguably need. In all fairness it was a long shot and we had expressed our Larrabee doubts in the past.

Let's just hope the extra budget and manpower Intel will have at its disposal following this decision will finally see it come up with discrete netbook graphics which don't feel like they've been hijacked from a Commodore 64...

Link: Intel Statement

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