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Intel 320 SSDs Offer Higher Capacity And Lower Prices

David Gilbert


Intel 320 SSDs Offer Higher Capacity And Lower Prices

Intel has finally announced the replacement for the X-25M SSD in the shape of the Intel SSD 320 - raising capacities while lowering prices.

Based on its 25-nanometer (nm) NAND flash memory, the Intel SSD 320 replaces the X25-M SSD which we first saw way back in 2008. Not only will the new models be available in higher capacities but they will also be cheaper due to cost benefits from its 25nm process. The Intel SSD 320 Series comes in 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and the massive new higher capacities of 300GB and 600GB versions. It uses the 3gbps SATA II interface which Intel says means it can be supported by more than 1 billion SATA II PCs installed throughout the world.

With SSDs becoming more and more popular, this latest range from Intel will go some way to quash the perception that the drives are too small and too expensive. Aimed at the consumer desktop and laptop market, Intel hopes the 2.5in drives will appeal to those people who want a speed boost but don’t want to have to pay out for a whole new system. While the prices quoted by Intel in its press release are for shipments of 1,000 units, it does give us some indication of what the prices for consumers will be like. The 40GB model, the smallest in the range, will cost just $89 while the next on the list, the 80GB will cost $159. The rest will cost: 120GB - $209, 160GB - $289, 300GB - $529 USD, and the top of the range 600GB model will set you back $1,089.

While Intel are not the only ones looking to push the capacity/price boundaries in relation to SSDs, the release of the 320 range will hopefully keep pushing prices down and capacities up.

Source: Intel

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