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India Comes Up With $35 Laptop


India Comes Up With $35 Laptop

The world’s cheapest laptop has been unveiled in India, a touch screen device that costs just $35.

India’s Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal revealed that it had been in talks with manufacturers around the globe to create the device.

"We have reached a developmental stage that today, the motherboard, its chip, the processing, connectivity, all of them cumulatively cost around $35, including memory, display, everything," he told a news conference.

Dubbed, the 'Sakshat' laptop, it is aimed at students and Sibal expects it to be their hands from 2011. Despite the price, users will get a touch-screen, a PDF reader and a webcam for video conferencing. There has been no confirmation of its specifications but reports suggest 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and power consumption at just 2W. Naturally, the device will run Linux.

There was no talk how it performed running Crysis – not even at low settings.

Displaying remarkable ingenuity, a version that runs off solar power is planned, which would really help in areas with unstable electricity infrastructure.

Sibal even claimed that his department hopes to lower the cost to $20 or $10 - that’s what we call, commodity computing.

The $35 was developed by the the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science

“This is part of the national initiative to take forward inclusive education. The solutions for tomorrow will emerge from India,” said Sibal.

Via: Indian Express

Via: Reuters

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