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InFocus Launches IN83 1080p Projector


InFocus Launches IN83 1080p Projector

Not even a month has passed since we stamped a well-earned Recommended Award on the InFocus IN82 DLP Projector and the company has already announced its successor, the IN83, which going by the model numbers should be set to improve on the impressive performance of its predecessor.

Starting with the most important specs, we see a native 5,000:1 contrast ratio, augmented to 15,000:1 using a dynamic iris, an impressive 1,600 lumens brightness, and DarkChip4 DLP tech from Texus Instruments for those of you to whom that means something. The projector also comes with an anamorphic lens adaptor for 2.35:1 aspect-ratio films, which some may consider a great addition.

Connectivity wise there are two HDMI 1.3 inputs, both supporting Deep Colour and as with the IN82, one of these is actually provided as an MA-D1 port, so it'll take a large range of connections. Elsewhere the usual array of Component, S-Video and similar ports is also found.

As is pretty obvious from the spec the IN83 isn't that huge a jump from the IN82, but luckily it isn't much more expensive either with a suggested retail price of £3500. Hopefully that'll be a bit lower at retailers when it's available in March and the extra tweaks aren't going to detract from the glowing review we gave to the older model. If you were currently considering the IN82, you might want to wait for this one.



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