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InFocus Launches IN1100-Series, IN5100-Series Projectors

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It may be InFocus' awesome home cinema projectors, such as the IN83 that have most endeared us to the company, but it does also make some more… obtainable, business-orientated propositions, too. Adding to that range, comes the launch of the 1100-series and 5100-series business projectors, the former a portable option with the latter intended for large audience installations.

The main trick of the 1100-series is the inclusion of DisplayLink connectivity, allowing the projector to be hooked up over USB. Two models are available; the IN1100, which has a 4:3, 1,024 x 768 resolution and 2,100 ANSI lumens brightness and IN1102 with a 16:10, 1,280 x 800 resolution and 2,200 ANSI lumens brightness. Both sport 1,800:1 contrast ratios and the IN1100 can project up to a 6.13m (20.1ft) diagonal image while the IN1102 can provide a 7.72m (25.3ft) picture. Price wise the IN1100 has an £699 MSRP, with the IN1102 sits at £799.

Moving up to the IN5100, portability is off the menu. Connectivity is excellent, though, with Component, VGA, HDMI, Composite and S-video connectors all sported. The IN5100-series projectors also offer wireless connectivity, as seen when we reviewed the IN35W projector and Liteshow II adaptor. The IN5102 and IN5106 carry 1,024 x 768 resolutions and boast 4000 ANDI lumens brightness while the IN5104 has a 1,280 x 800 resolution and 5000ANSI brightness. InFocus has achieved that brightness with a single bulb, which should make the IN5100-series more economical that rival, dual-bulb solutions.

Last but not least, the IN5100-series sports interchangeable long- and short-throw lenses, allowing the projectors to be fitted to near enough any installation environment. Pricing for the IN5102 is set at £1599, with the IN5104 coming in at £2499 and the IN5106 at £2399. Hardly pocket money for the average consumer, but more than reasonable for any business.

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