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InFocus Annouces X9 DLP Projector


InFocus Annouces X9 DLP Projector

InFocus already wowed us with the launch of the X10 a short while ago, offering a great 1080p DLP projector at a fantastic price and it look set to do the same thing with the X9. The x9 sacrifices a Full HD resolution, being merely 720p (a.k.a. HD Ready), but by doing so comes in at a fantastic low price, and doesn't skimp much elsewhere, either.

The 1,280 x 720 resolution is provided by a Texas Instruments DLP chip and is backed up by a 6-segment colour wheel. InFocus claims the X9 has a 2,300:1 native contrast ratio and can produce a 1,800 ANSI lumens brightness, which is about in line with the X10 - so image quality should, resolution aside, be pretty similar.

Connectivity isn't a particular strong point of the X9, with a single HDMI port, Component connector, composite input and S-video in, as well as a VGA port. However, with a projector using an HDMI switch box and having a single cable running to the device is almost certainly a preferable option anyway, so the lack on inputs isn't exactly a problem.

The biggest selling point of the X9, though, is its £499 MSRP. Indeed, I was impressed with the standard definition BenQ MP512 ST with its £470-odd retail price, so assuming the X9 doesn't have any particular fatal flaws, it should be even more worthy of recommendation. Especially as, looking around online, the X9 looks like it will actually be going for around £450-ish - a truly fantastic price for an HD Ready projector.

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