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ITV HD Comes to Sky & Virgin

Gordon Kelly


ITV HD Comes to Sky & Virgin

While I'd argue its programming has all the worth of a rat chewed Ryvita laced with stupid sauce, some will be happy to hear ITV HD is finally coming to Sky HD and Virgin.

2 April is the launch date for both broadcasters while Freesat will also see a change with ITV HD becoming a full channel rather than being accessed via the red button.

Naturally enough the big reason to care is the football World Cup since the BBC and ITV between them have all 64 games and I'll be doing my best to watch every single one of them, before getting very angry when England go out in the semi-finals on penalties. Apparently some viewers may be pleased to see the likes of Britain's Got Talent and Coronation Street in HD as well, but since I refuse to talk to these people I wouldn't know.

Of course, those with a bit of know how have already manually added ITV HD to their Sky boxes a long time ago (there are plenty of guides about), but at least things are nicely official now.

In related news Sky has decided not to let Virgin enjoy these headlines today by also announcing Sky Sports 4 HD will go live on 29 April and Hallmark HD on 28 June. Sky News HD is also due in the next few months which will bring its total number of HD channels to over 40.

"We look forward to reaching our next milestone, of 50 HD channels, by Christmas," added Sky's Director of Product Management Hilary Perchard as she ground her heel into Virgin's toe.


via The Guardian

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