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ITV Expands CatchUp Service With 'Classic' Programmes


ITV Expands CatchUp Service With 'Classic' Programmes

In what is almost certainly a further effort to try and compete with, or at least equal the effort of, the BBC's iPlayer ITV has announced that it is adding a slew of classic programmes to its CatchUp web player.

Such broadcasting gems as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and Cadfael as usually shown on ITV3 will make their way onto the web player for viewing up to 30 days after being aired on the channel.

Marc Webber, Head of Content at ITV.com commented on the development saying: “This is a brilliant achievement and gives fans of some of ITV’s biggest and best shows even more reason to go to ITV.com. The rapid growth in video consumption shows that the appetite for content is there. We will continue to respond with new developments in the months to come."

Of course the BBC already offers near-enough every programme it broadcasts on the iPlayer so ITV is playing catch-up in more ways than one with these latest additions to its service. Nonetheless, we can't complain about what many might call the few shows worth watching on ITVs network (Sherlock Holmes is just pure genius if you ask this writer) being made more easily available to view.

If we can just have a download service now please…



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