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INQ To Release Spotify Phone


INQ To Release Spotify Phone

INQ, the manufacturer of social network themed phones, has announced that it is planning on releasing a phone that "deeply integrates" Spotify’s music service. The revelation was made by INQ chief executive Frank Meeham in an interview with Businessweek.

As we noted over a year ago, Meehan has a place on the Spotify board, so a combination of the two was always on the cars.

INQ has a track record of producing low cost phones with smartphone-like features, such as the INQ1, Mini 3G and the Chat 3G, so a Spotify branded Inq phone would open up access to the Spotify service. That said, customers would still have to fork out £9.99 a month for the Premium service to get mobile access to Spotify’s six million songs.

INQ is planning on releasing two phones into the US market on AT&T next year, so the move could coincide with Spotify finally becoming available in the States.

Spotify is currently available on iOS4, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone 6, the latter of which was only released last week. Spotify has said that a version would soon be available for the just launched Windows Phone 7 platform.

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