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IFA Preview

Gordon Kelly


IFA Preview

Having successfully navigated the hardcore security of Heathrow Airport, been outstared by guards with machine guns (not a wise battle to pick) and been amazed at the speed of my specially HSDPA enabled T-Mobile Data Card I find myself sat in the BA Exec Lounge pondering what I have let myself in for.

With 1,202 exhibitors from 40 countries displaying their wares over 160,000 square metres this year’s IFA is a pretty daunting proposition. 6,900 journalists from 70 countries and a limited beer tent is probably even more so.

Running from 31 August to 5 September in Berlin, the consumer electronics show at least offers a location rather closer to civilisation than the bogspot of Cebit’s Hannover while the nightlife will probably be best described as ‘interesting’. So what can we expect?

HD DVD and Blu-ray will again be major focuses and expect high definition TV announcements to be left, right, centre, slightly left of centre, slightly right of centre and so on. Pre-releases and NDAs suggest a million iPod wannabes are also waiting in the wings and the world’s obsession with mobile phones is certain to be fuelled.

Darn it, that’s my flight call so it’s goodbye from me for a few hours and wish me luck. I have a feeling my feet in particular are going to need it…



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