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IFA 2009: Samsung Press Conference

Gordon Kelly


IFA 2009: Samsung Press Conference

Samsung tends to do things differently to most and so it used IFA 2009 to have not one, but two separate conferences (set miles apart).

In fairness, the first dealt largely with its brown goods and talked in generalities. Of interest however in TVs was Samsung's decision to expand its LED TVs so we'll be getting models from 32in up to 52in by the end of the year, meanwhile all its future Blu-ray players will get YouTube support. There's a lot of product recapping however with Samsung going over its existing compact camera, budget camcorder and monitor lines. All very bitty, so we made a sharp (no pun intended) exit.

Onto conference part two however and we got some more meat courtesy of the mobile computing division. In short we're getting three new netbooks and three new Intel Core 2 Duo ultra slim laptops.

The ultra slims first and we have the ‘X Series' which Samsung claims will last up to nine hours (six hours for video playback) with a six cell battery. Interestingly, these batteries will have a ceramic coating so they shouldn't explode! The X120, X420 and X520 will come in 11.6in, 14in and 15.6in 16:9 screen sizes respectively with LED backlighting, matching 1366 x 768 resolutions and ultra low voltage Intel core 2 Duo processors.

Integrated HSDPA will be aboard (a definite trend for IFA 2009), along with WiFi, 3x USB 2.0, a memory card reader and VGA and HDMI ports. Preinstalled ‘FailSafe' software allows remote tracking (though via cell towers, not GPS) and erasing of data too while the trio are TCO certified to be completely mercury free. Prices will range from 699 euros to 899 euros.

Next the netbooks and we have the rather dull N130, N140 and N510 weighing in at 1.26Kg, 1.27Kg and 1.41Kg respectively. Specs are disappointingly traditional with an Intel Atom CPU, Windows XP OS (for now), 1024 x 768 screens, WiFi, Bluetooth and six cell batteries for up to six hours of battery life.

Differences between them are also small with the N140 adding better 3W stereo speakers and the option of a larger 5,900 mAh battery (up to 11 hours) over the N130. Ok, but not overly inspiring. We've also already spotted the N510 which will be Samsung's first nVidia ION based netbook.

We'll see all three netbooks plus the X120 this month with the X420 and X520 arriving in October. I'm thinking just the one press conference at IFA 2010 please Samsung...

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