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IFA 2009: Pure Launches New DAB Radios

Gordon Kelly


IFA 2009: Pure Launches New DAB Radios

IFA may have been dominated by the theory of 3D High Definition TV, but that didn't stop Pure from giving us a much needed break from all those goggle boxes...

The innovative company unveiled no less than five new models with two new faces and updates to its Elan, Chronos iDock and Chronos CD ranges.

Taking the main headlines is the 'Siesta Flow', Pure's cheapest Internet radio to date with an RRP of £99.99. Web radio means you can listen to any radio broadcast over the Internet regardless of country or time zone so if you fancy nodding off to Radio Luxemburg now you can! On top of this is Pure's 'Flow' technology which means it also packs in the same functionality as the Evoke Flow and Avanti Flow providing WiFi, podcast support, PC audio streaming and even a selection of Pure relaxation sounds to combat the day's stress. Finally, you'll find DAB and FM modes as well as a Pure 'PowerPort' which provides power to any device that can operate over USB. Handy and rather smart.

Next up we have the 'Elan II' a DAB and FM model, also at the £99 mark, which drops the Internet radio in favour of 'ReVu' - Pure's time shift technology which allows live radio to be paused and rewound. There's also iPod/MP3 player input, alarm, 30 station presets and even a kitchen timer all built around custom wound 3in speakers.

From here we find the 'Chronos iDock Series II' and 'Chronos CD Series II' both DAB/FM radios again at the £99.99 mark. The difference is in the name, with the iDock incorporating 'Made for iPod' and 'Works with iPhone' certification (the latter means the addition of magnetic shielding to stop speaker feedback) while the CD Series II goes old school with a top side CD player. Like the Siesta Flow, the duo both offer a PowerPort for powering USB devices.

Lastly we have the 'Siesta iDock (£89.99) which drops the Internet radio functionality from the Siesta Flow, but incorporates a dedicated 'Made for iPod'/'Works with iPhone' dock. Again you'll find a PowerPort and DAB/FM radio with up to 15 presets.

All five products are members of Pure's 'EcoPlus' environmental policy which means they consume under 3.5W in operation and less than 1W in standby while Pure says they are manufactured in ethically approved facilities and use recycled packaging materials.

Some good stuff here and - more importantly - they aren't TVs!

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