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IFA 2009: New Squeezebox Radio and Touch from Logitech

Andy Vandervell


IFA 2009: New Squeezebox Radio and Touch from Logitech

Logitech's Squeezebox range continues to grow, with the company today adding the Squeezebox Radio and the Squeezebox Touch to its range.

Kicking things off is the Squeezebox Radio, which is already listed on Logitech's UK website for the princely sum of £159 - not a massive ask, but no small change either. For your money you get a Wi-Fi equipped Internet radio which will also stream music from your network in the time honoured fashion. And, when we're talking Internet radio, we're talking services like Rhapsody (US only), Pandora (US only) and Last.fm, all of which have dedicated applications that can be accessed using the 2.4in display.

If you prefer wired networking there's a 10/100 Ethernet port as well. A battery can be added for mobility, so you could listen to your music in the garden, while another option (not included) is an infrared remote to control it all.

Slightly more expensive is the Squeezebox Touch, which is listed on Logitech's website at £259. Sporting a 4.3in capacitive touchscreen, the Touch is meant as a kind of hub into which you can plug your own Hi-Fi speakers.

As such you'll find RCA, headphone, digital optical and digital coax outputs, while inputs include an SD card for streaming music from a memory card and a USB port that can be used similarly. Alternatively you can stream music over a wireless or wired network, or listed to Internet radio services just like the Squeezebox Radio.

No word on exactly when they'll go on sale, but chances are it'll be before the end of this month.


en Squeezebox Radio Product Page

en Squeezebox Touch Product Page


September 4, 2009, 6:29 pm

"into which you can plug your own Hi-Fi speakers"

You mean you can plug it into an amp, right?

(or a powered active monitor speaker, obviously, before anyone pipes up!)


September 5, 2009, 12:29 am

Will it play BBC stations like Radio 1 or Radio 2?

Tony Walker

September 5, 2009, 11:47 am


Yes. Plugs into your hi-fi or active speaker. Touch probably a replacement for the Squeezebox 3.


If you are in the UK then yes, the Squeezebox range will do them. The BBC doesn't allow IP addresses outside the UK to do it, much like the website.

Outside the UK, and if you run the Squeezecenter server software (on PC, Mac, Linux box or many compatable NAS boxes) there is a plug-in (AlienBBC) for that which enables listeners outside the UK to do so.

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