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IFA 2009: Navigon Reveals New Product Portfolio, Live Services

Andy Vandervell


IFA 2009: Navigon Reveals New Product Portfolio, Live Services

While TomTom's IFA 2009 announcements were lacking any obvious spark or innovation, Navigon's were far more interesting. Admittedly it had more to do than TomTom, but the announcement of its own ‘Live' service and a new range of sat-navs is a clear message of intent from the constantly improving sat-nav firm.

We'll start with the company's new Live services, which will find their way into the premium 8410 Live and top of the range 6350 Live. Both will benefit from live traffic, ‘Clever Parking Live' and live weather updates in 21 European countries - it says 321 in the press release, but we're pretty sure that's a misprint! This is all courtesy of T-Mobile's mobile network, a SIM for which is embedded into the device, just like TomTom's Vodafone powered system. A year's subscription to the service will set you back 79.95 Euros (6.66 Euros per month); no official UK pricing is currently available.

Other new features include an improved pedestrian mode called Last Mile, which will guide you during the final leg of your journey should your destination not be accessible from your car, while Google Local Search is included in the Live services. Navigon has also added what it calls RealCity 3D, where shop fronts, streets, road markings and crossings are all rendered in 3D. We assume this functionality will be fairly limited in terms of availability, though, so it'll be interesting to see how useful it turns out to be.

Below the top of the range models sit the 1400, 1410, 2400 and 2410, all of which have 3.5in displays and offer the Last Mile pedestrian mode. This is enhanced on the 24xx models with an ECompass to aid orientation, which one assumes will work much like the compass on the iPhone 3GS.

Link: Navigon IFA 2009 Page


September 4, 2009, 2:51 pm

Any mention of 7-digit postcodes?

Tony Walker

September 4, 2009, 3:24 pm

The images of shop-fronts etc. may well be downloaded on the fly using the SIM. If you compress 'em hard enough you can images pretty small.

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