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IFA 2008: ReVox M100 Spied


IFA 2008: ReVox M100 Spied

Every once in a while at a trade show you come across something that you haven’t seen before, from a manufacturer that you’ve never heard of, and that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across the ReVox stand today. ReVox was showing off a modular AV system, that’s still in the concept stage, but definitely showed promise.

Dubbed the M100, this system starts with a base unit that comprises a 400W amplifier, FM Tuner and DVD player, but the key to the design is that extra functionality can be added at any time. That extra functionality could be anything from a hard disk based media server, a memory card reader, or even a Blu-ray player - the point being that as demand arises, ReVox can address that demand.

Each of the additional modules can attach to the base unit either vertically or horizontally, to create a good looking and cohesive system. All the controls on the base unit are touch sensitive, and when the device is switched off, there’s no indication that any controls even exist.

Looking at the rear of the base unit, it’s clear that ReVox is trying to cover all the bases. With multiple digital bit stream audio outputs, an HDMI port (or at least a sticker where one will be), Ethernet ports, telephone line connection and a USB port, there’s no shortage of connection options. Meanwhile the binding posts for the speaker cables make it clear that sound quality isn’t an afterthought either.

Another nice touch is that ReVox will be offering the system in any number of colour combinations, which should suit the target, style conscious customer base. ReVox says that the M100 modular system could go into production mid 2009, but couldn’t give me a firm date, and obviously there’s no word on pricing yet. For now, the Swiss manufacturer doesn’t even have any English documentation for the M100, but hopefully that will change soon.


August 31, 2008, 7:44 pm

ReVox have been in the business of making high quality audio equipment since 1948


Technology changes, and so sho

September 1, 2008, 9:43 am

I want this to work, I really do; but years of watching the technology market with similar products being dragged out in front of consumers tell me that this will fail just as those did.

Oh it will have a niche market, but cheap -dedicated- products will come out and Revox will not be able to compete on price or keep up with technology.

The major problem these firms stumble across is that the base units never contain the technology that makes them future-proof enough to make upgrading them worthwhile.

Is the HDMI v1.3? What about when v2.0 is introduced?

400W and yet only two speaker terminals on the back? How can it cope with 7.1 surround - a module? Why spend the money when a dedicated system is cheaper and does what I want now? Can the firmware be upgraded?

The intention of their product is noble; but they never break the modules down far enough to make the system truly workable and, if they did, the price would be too high to make it commercially viable.

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