Ambisound Soundbar HTS8140 & 8150

Sticking with a similar theme is the Ambisound Soundbar HTS8140. Like the CinemaOne it features a 1080p upscaling DVD player, but it's a far more advanced system thanks to Philips' new Faroudja DCDi chip and it also features six discrete drivers and a large separate sub-woofer for all those rumbling low-end tones.

Again, there's an iPod dock and a USB port and video codec also remains the same. You also get an FM radio tuner with RDS support, HDMI CEC functionality and Dolby Prologic II audio processing.

We're still waiting on pricing and availability, but we can tell you it'll also be available in white (to match Aurea TVs) as the HTS8150 and you can take a look at the full specs below:

...and don't forget there's even more!

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