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IFA 2008: Humax Quietly Unveils Freesat HD FOXSAT-HDR PVR

Andy Vandervell


IFA 2008: Humax Quietly Unveils Freesat HD FOXSAT-HDR PVR

Few companies can rightfully be considered peerless, but PVR specialists Humax come pretty close so its army of loyal fans will be delighted to hear about the appearance of a Freesat HD PVR at IFA 2008 to join the FOXSAT-HD Freesat Receiver we looked at not all that long ago.

Despite being an eminently exciting development, there was very little fanfare - just a little section of stand in the outer reaches of the Berlin Messe. Nonetheless this is big news. If you want to watch HD broadcasts without paying Rupert Murdoch Freesat is your only hope, but who wants to sacrifice their viewing flexibility for Freesat, when you can keep it?

Ostensibly very similar to Humax's current Freeview boxes, the FOXSAT-HDR simply places dual Freesat tuners in the place of Freeview ones. Capable of displaying resolutions up to 1080i it can receive TV signals in MPEG-4 AVC, h.264 and MPEG-2 and has all the usual trimmings, such as an Ethernet port, a capacious 320GB hard drive, HDMI and optical audio out. It will also upscale standard definition broadcasts to your desired resolution.

Humax reps were coy about pricing - suggesting it could retail for as much as twice that of FOXSAT-HD - but did confirm this little beauty will be hitting the UK before Christmas. So, if you do have to endure the Christmas broadcasting, you can at least do it in high definition. Hooray!

Full Spec Sheet

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