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IE Makes Global Gains for Second Month in a Row


IE Makes Global Gains for Second Month in a Row

Come on Mozilla, to let Microsoft make browser gains in one month is a misfortune, but to let it grow two months in a row looks like carelessness.

According to data from NetMarketShare, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer grew in use across the world by 0.42% in July, the second month in a row it has enjoyed increases, taking its total gain since May to 1%. In the US, it has grown for a worrying three months in a row.

The increase comes at the expense of Firefox, which has dropped by 0.9% and Chrome, which has decreased by a sliver at 0.08%.

This is good news for Microsoft, which briefly lost its crown as the world’s most popular browser back in December. Sure enough, Microsoft was happy to crow about the feat on its Internet Explorer blog, and feeds nicely into the hype that it hopes to create for its forthcoming IE9, which is currently available in Preview.

""Ultimately, we know customers have a choice when it comes to the browser they use, and that choice has a lot to do with the good work that developers and our partners do to build a better web with Internet Explorer," Microsoft's IE head Ryan Gavin wrote.

The Mozilla foundation meanwhile has Firefox 4 waiting in the wings, and currently beta 2 is doing the rounds, while Google is still detailing its wild and crazy browser experiments on its Chrome blog.

Link: NetMarketShare July browser stats.

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