If there’s one major success story for Intel over the past few years it’s mobility. The Centrino standard has been a huge success for Intel, and has also helped push the sale of notebooks through the roof.

The next generation of Centrino will ship in 2007 and include both 802.11n wireless ability and the introduction of NAND flash memory.

Obviously 802.11n will bring with it a huge increase in wireless networking performance. The new Wi-Fi standard has been a long time coming, so it will be great to see it appear as part of the new Centrino standard. The original Centrino standard did more than anything to roll out wireless networking to the masses, so hopefully new Centrino will do the same for 802.11n.

The introduction of NAND flash memory should bring with it faster application loads, quicker startup times and faster resume states. Much like the performance I saw in the Samsung Q1-SSD, which uses a solid state disk for data storage.

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