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Pre-IDF Mobile Lifestyle Briefing

Wireless networking is the key to the mobile lifestyle, with both business users and consumers needing to stay connected every minute of every day. But there are already so many different wireless standards, so which one should be the dominant species?

Well, according to Intel there doesn’t need to be a dominant species and all the current and future wireless networks should co-exist, with the user connecting to whichever network offers the best service at the time. So, if you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot, but then wander into a high bandwidth WiMAX zone, your device should switch and give you the best possible performance.

But in order to switch seamlessly between networks, your mobile device will have to incorporate multiple radios with which to connect to them, but this could add to size and weight, while also adversely affecting power draw and heat.

Intel’s answer to these problems is to integrate multiple radios in silicon. Using this method you can have multiple radios, running multiple frequencies all tied up in a tiny silicon package. Whether this means that we'll see wireless radios actually integrated into CPU packages remains to be seen, but it's a possibility.


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