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Comply Ear Tips To Boost Any High End Earphones

Gordon Kelly


How to Boost Any High End Earphones

If you've been reading TrustedReviews for any great length of time you'll find it impossible to ignore our love for a high quality pair of earphones over that rubbish you invariably get in the box (yes Apple, we're looking at you). So for enlightened similarly minded lovers of any good quality earphone brand we think you'll find this rather interesting...

'Comply Foam' replacement ear tips are now hitting the UK through online reseller HiFi Headphones. The highly regarded make - which claims to be 30x softer than standard tips - is manufactured from breathable memory foam which is activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft to reduce irritation and fatigue. Furthermore, they expand to fill the ear canal completely locking out external noise and isolating audio playback. As an added bonus, they aren't going to fall out easily either.

So what brands can you buy Comply Foam ear tips for? You asked for it *deep breath* Apple, Audio-Technica, Altec Lansing, Centrios, Comply, Creative, Denon , Etymotic Research, FutureSonics, Goldring, Griffin, JBL, JVC, Koss, Panasonic, Philips, Race Quiet, Radio Shack, Sennheiser, Sharper Image, Shure, Skullcandy, Sleek Audio, Solitude, Sony, Trick Audio, new Logitech purchase Ultimate Ears, V-MODA, Westone and even Zune.

Available in packs of three or five pairs, Comply Foam Tips start at just £14.99. Head on over, you'll thank us later...


HiFi Headphones Comply Page

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