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HomePlugs Wireless & Up To 200Mbps

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HomePlugs Wireless & Up To 200Mbps

Continuing last month’s refreshingly practical trend set by Lexar’s JumpDrive Mercury and Moixa’s USBCELL batteries is Solwise.


The company has expanded its very sensible HomePlug range (the PL-85PE of which Spodey reviewed and gave a TR Recommended award to last month) to include the PL-85PEW and PL-200PE.

The former is possibly the most straightforward product I have ever had to explain since it simply adds a 54Mbps Access Point into the existing spec of the PL-85PE (I’m taking a wild and crazy guess that the added ‘W’ stands for wireless). This means that not only do you have the existing LAN-through-your-power-sockets functionality of the PL-85PE but also that you can boost the wireless range by plugging one into an area of the home/office where the signal is low.

56 DES encryption is onboard to keep the network secure and there is built in QOS making it ideal for multimedia use. At £69.18 each the 85PEW is more pricey than the 85PE at £39.19 but I can think of many a WiFi installation that has been crying out for a product like this.


When I said the 85PEW was the most straightforward product I’d ever had to explain I had clearly forgotten about the PL-200PE. This is a blazingly quick 200Mbps version of the 85PE (obviously taking into account that real world performance should be about half this).

Like the 85PE it can use your power sockets as a bridge from your router to extend your wired network while it comes with 128bit AES encryption. Pick it up from late October for £74.99.

Incidentally, that soft weeping sound you hear is coming from your Swiss Cheese drilled walls as they read this…


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