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HomeChoice Renovated & Rebranded As 'Tiscali TV'

Gordon Kelly


HomeChoice Renamed 'Tiscali TV'

The evolutionary rush from broadband provider to streaming television/film over broadband provider is gathering pace with HomeChoice the latest convert.

The service has been combined with ISP Tiscali to form ‘Tiscali TV’ a – you got it – streaming media over broadband service and it will launch on 1 March.

Precise package details remain sparse but it is thought two main bundles will dominate their offers: first a basic £14.99pm deal providing broadband and a 38 channel TV service and secondly a £19.99 deal that adds time shifting capabilities and free evening and weekend landline calls.

In unconfirmed reports, subscribers to the basic package will receive up to 100 hours of video content with episodes of hit shows like 24, Desperate Housewives and Lost downloadable for 99p a pop. The bigger package upgrades dedicated couch/web potatoes to 1,000 hours.

Also high on Tiscali TV’s agenda is expanding its catchment area with the old HomeChoice service previously restricted to the main London and Stevenage areas. Tiscali hopes to call on its widespread network to bring that to 65 per cent UK coverage by the middle of 2008.

So while broadband has always been a battle field it looks like 2007 will see it drag television, film and telephony into the carnage. We do like a good srap…





December 11, 2008, 8:32 pm

Homechoice was great before Tiscali took it over. Technically it works well and its a good product. What lets it down is the shocking customer service. I made a complaint on a billing error in April. It is still unresolved. Its the simple too large to care syndrome. Despite emailed replies from their support of it being dealt with... ...nothing.

Its a shame but I do not recommend.

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