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Home Cinema And Apple Sections Live On TrustedReviews


Home Cinema And Apple Sections Live On TrustedReviews

Here at TrustedReviews we're always looking for ways to improve things. We're constantly on the look out for new features that will make this publication even more useful than it (hopefully) already is. As such, today we're kicking off two new sections, one dedicated solely to Apple products and related accessories, and the other dedicated to Home Cinema kit.

In the Apple section you will, unsurprisingly, find such reviews as the iMac and of course Gordon's endless stream of iPhone news - the full review will be published tomorrow by the way. Of course it isn't just Apple branded swag we'll bundle in this section, there's the huge array of fruit-flavoured accessories as well, from speaker docks to iPhone headphone adaptors.

Moving along to the Home Cinema area and you'll find a clear distinction between the display part of the equation, like TVs and projectors, which still habituate the TVs section, and the peripherals needed to accompany them, such as Blu-ray and HD DVD players, along with media streamers. Basically, if it connects to a living room display device, you'll find it here.

Hopefully you'll agree with us that the two new sections should affirm our Apple fanboy status make navigation on the site just that bit more logical and, consequently, allow you to find what you're looking for faster and with less hassle. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!


TrustedReviews Apple section.

TrustedReviews Home Cinema section.

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