Hands-on: AsusEee PC Seashell 1101HA

A larger chassis should mean an improved keyboard, but we're not so sure this is the case. Ostensibly it's very similar to the 1008HA and this is fine since the key action is crisp and responsive. In this sense it's very good.

However, we did spot on the right-hand side a suspiciously small right-Shift key. At least it's not the wrong side of the cursor key, but quite why Asus decided on this when it worked around the problem on the 1008HA so cleverly is beyond us. It's not quite a deal breaker, but it is little silly.

Connectivity is the same as usual, though unlike the 1008HA the ports aren't hidden behind flaps. On the left there's the power inputs, a VGA out and a USB port.

Then, on the right, are headphone and microphone jacks, two more USB ports, an Ethernet port and (out of shot) a memory card reader.

Another change from the 1008HA is the battery, which is removable. Shipping with the 1101HA is a 4,440mAh capacity battery (around twice that of the 1008HA), which Asus reckons is good for 8.5 hours. Time will tell on that one, but presuming it uses the same battery cells as the 1008HA this seems reasonable.

Pricing isn't too unreasonable, either. Asus is quoting a £379 SRP when the Eee PC 1101HA goes on sale at the beginning of July. At this price it would provide a tantalising upgrade alternative to the 1008HA, especially given the extra usability created by the significantly higher resolution display. Hopefully this will mean the 1008HA will come down in price, too.



June 26, 2009, 12:51 am

:¬D :¬D :¬D

My 10.1" HP has 1366×768!

Oh yeah, and a VIA C7-M.

:¬( :¬( :¬(

Tony Walker

June 26, 2009, 2:01 am

Z520 (and Z530) has proven itself to be a sluggard in the implementations so far. Why Intel has brought these Atom versions out is a mystery.

@Andy, wait until you see a UK keyboard before decrying the right shift key - you'll probably get a matching pair then :-)


June 26, 2009, 9:28 am

The new graphics drivers for the GMA 500 is meant to speed up video significantly, as the problem isn't really the CPU itself, but it's been a combination with the US15W that has yet to prove itself to be a good chipset.

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