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Hands-on With The Asus U and UX Series - U Series

Where the range differs, then, is in their size and internal hardware. The flagship 12.1inch U20A uses CULV CPUs and can have up to 12 hours battery life with its 9 cell battery. It also uses Intel integrated graphics. With a 3-cell battery it weighs 1.7Kg and at its thickest is 29mm. All told this is the classic ultra-portable of the range and it's probably going to be pricey.

Next up is the U80V which is a 14 inch model that uses conventional Intel mobile processors and comes with a choice of either Intel integrated GMA4500MHD or discrete ATI Radeon HD4570 graphics. It's not a lightweight at 2.18Kg and isn't exactly thin either at 31mm but its potential for a 5 hour battery life with discrete graphics and a 6-cell battery life might tempt some.

Finally there's the U50G that betrays the entire light/portable/thin mantra by being a 15.6inch model that weighs 2.56Kg and is 33mm thick. Nevertheless, if you want a larger machine it will get you a decent 4hours of use even with discrete graphics, which in this case comes in the form of nVidia's geForce G 105M.

So there we have it. These certainly seem like quite an exciting range of notebooks but they're not without issues - mainly that over abundance of glossy black plastic. Whether these prove to be deal breakers largely depends on the final price and for that we'll just have to wait. Sorry folks.


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