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Hands-on With The Asus U and UX Series - U Series

in contrast to the UX series, the U series of notebooks is not a brand new one. We've previously seen a number of models including the impressive U1 and U2 that are ultra-portables in the traditional sense, i.e. very small, very light, but fully feaured, and very expensive. We don't have prices for these latest models yet but something tells me they will follow along the same lines.

All feature the same styling and outward functionality. Specifically they're all finished in glossy black that's flecked with blue sparkles. I'm sure it looks wonderful when new but as you can clearly see in the photos, it attracts ugly fingerprints and gives of distracting wobbly reflections every which way. Personally i much prefer the classier, utilitarian, matt black look of Sony's TT.

They all also have isolated backlit keyboards the backlighting of which, along with the LCD backlighting, changes automatically according to ambient light conditions, which is a useful feature. The keyboard layouts all seemed good and the action was also decent as well. Altec Lansing speakers are used throughout the range, though it was essentially impossible to hear how much more or less effective they were than any other speakers.

Multitouch touchpads are also used throughout the range with support for web browser zooming and document scrolling. They seemed to work very well with a multitouch gestures responding smoothly and accurately and the touchpad in general being responsive. The best bit (or do I mean pointless), though, is the pad illuminates glowing strips under your fingers as you touch it.

Finally, all models feature tray loading optical drives and have identical inputs and outputs and other connections. The full list is; an HDMI socket, a VGA socket, a multiformat card reader (the usual SD, MMC, xD type), microphone and headphone jacks, three USB ports, an Ethernet socket, and an ExpressCard slot.


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