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Hands On With Samsung SH100 and i-Function Lens

David Gilbert


When we were at CES in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, we were able to get a look at exactly how Samsung’s new iFunction lens works and how its new compact digital camera, the SH100 utilises a Android phone to provide a remote viewfinder

The i-Function lens is obviously going to be something for those looking to move up the photography food chain but who may not necessarily have the technichal know how to just yet. It is possible we will see i-Function appearing on a number of mid-range models in the coming years as more and more people look to get serious photography.

As for the SH100, while we didn’t see it in operation with an Android phone, if this feature does deliver then it, along with the new intuitive interface, will be something to make the SH100 stand out from the very crowded compact digital camera market place.

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