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Hands On With New Samsung Cameras

David Gilbert


Hands On With New Samsung Cameras

We're just back from CES Unveiled and will be bringing you hands-on video of all the latest devices and technology as soon as we can.


In the past ten days or so Samsung has announced the release of a few new cameras and while press releases are fine, there’s nothing like getting a hands-on look at what the cameras look like and how they work.

At CES Unveiled earlier this evening we got the chance to look at the NX11 and the SH100 first hand and see exactly what they could do. When we reported on the release of the NX11 last week it was the inclusion of the i-Function lens compatibility which piqued our interest the most.

While the i-Function lens on the NX11 was not operating properly in Vegas earlier, we did get a chance to look at it in operation on the NX100 and it certainly looked easy to use and very versatile. The function of the i-Function lenses is to allow quick change of camera settings such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed using an adjustment ring round the outside of the lens, supposedly making it quicker and easier to get the settings you want. And following the demonstration today we would have to agree that it does seem very intuitive and easy to use.

As regards the SH100, we love the idea of the camera being able to connect to an Android phone in order to eliminate the need to set timers. While we were unable to have a look at this feature in use, we did get to see the very Android-looking UI on the 3in LCD touchscreen. Samsung has obviously realised that people are getting used to using smartphone and has adapted the different functions to look like apps on the UI. The use is very intuitive and while doesn’t really offer anything extra in relation to functionality, is a lot easier than messing around with click wheels and a myriad of buttons.

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