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Hacker Ports Flash to the iPhone


A hacker has got Adobe Flash running on the iPhone, though it’s still at a very early stage of development.

The iPhone Flash port, called Frash, has been created by Comex, the same individual who brought us the already legendary JailbreakMe utility. It’s currently at Alpha stage and in the video is being tested on an iPhone 4, though it’s reported to also work on the iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod touch.

It won’t work on most Flash enabled web sites, but it does work on some, and is very buggy at this stage. Installing it is also a little involved, so you might want to hold on for a final build, or a beta at the very least.

What it shows clearly, if we didn’t already know it, that the lack of Flash on the iPhone is more of a political than a technical issue. It will be fascinating to see if it can be made to work well on the iPhone, especially as it’s still not quite there on Android, despite the full backing of Adobe.

Apple refusal to allow Flash to run on its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices is well documented, though it does support the platform on its Macs.

Last April, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter, explaining the reasoning for Apple’s issues with Adobe Flash.

Link: Frash installation instructions.

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