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HTC Will Launch LTE Phones In Late 2011

David Gilbert


HTC Will Launch LTE Phones In Late 2011

LTE - or Long Term Evolution to give it its full title – has been a pretty slow burner with 2010 seeing few progressions, especially this side of the Atlantic. And now news comes from Taiwanese mobile manufacturing giant HTC that it won’t be releasing a LTE enabled phone until late 2011.

So far we have seen one LTE handset anywhere in the world – the Samsung Craft – and while LTE networks have been launched in certain parts of the States in recent weeks, here in the UK we are still in the trial stages of LTE networks. However in an interview, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, has said his company will be bringing out LTE phones in 2011 – but not until the end of the year, which will disappoint many.

In the interview with Mobile World Live, Chou highlighted the US as the main developing market for LTE devices. “We think that the US mobile operators will be taking the lead and pushing 4G LTE in the US market... We are working on LTE devices for next year," he said. It had been rumoured that US provider Verizon would unveil a LTE-enabled HTC Incredible at its keynote address at CES next Janaury but that now seems highly unlikely.

Chou also pointed out that HTC would not be keeping all its eggs in one basket and would be bringing out Windows Phone 7 devices as well as Android-powered ones, saying that consumers “may want Windows or Android; or they may want big screen or small screen, they may want keyboard or tablet; HTC will let the consumer decide."

Finally, Chou confirmed HTC would jump on the Near Field Communication (NFC) bandwagon and its phones would follow the Nexus S by supporting the technology.

You can watch the full interview here - though you have to register first.

Source: Mobile World Live

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