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HTC WiMax Capable Touch HD Mimic Leaked

Gordon Kelly


HTC WiMax Capable Touch HD Mimic Leaked

So the Touch HD knocked our collective socks off, but clearly HTC isn't finished there...

Leaked today is the HTC 'T8290', a screentastic smartphone with a whopping 3.8in LCD and Touch HD matching 800 x 480 WVGA native resolution. That's that more real estate than the iPhone both physically and in terms of raw pixels per inch - eat your heart out Apple!

Also causing something of a stir is news that the T8290 (surely it deserves a sexier moniker?) will become the first mass market WiMax sporting handset and comes with staples: HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. Now the usefulness of WiMax has been questioned by many (especially in the UK where availability remains virtually non-existent) but it's pretty hard to argue with the potential of the 13.8Mbit connection shown in that middle shot.

The only blip on the radar sadly is in terms of availability with talk that the T8290 will debut first in Russia (on its WiMax Yota network) with a European launch is very much trudging aimlessly through the town of Unknownsville.

Obviously we'd still like a few more specs (camera, size, weight, battery life over WiMax, RRP, etc) but, over here or not, if this is the future of smartphones we're getting very excited indeed...

...especially if there's an Android version!


via Nedge2K.com

Mark Palmos

October 13, 2008, 12:31 pm

It looks great, thanks.

But why is everyone so quick to pour praise on Android. We've seen it now, and its not fantastic. Interface wise its not nearly up to the iphone, and feature wise its not up to windows mobile 6.1, and needs plenty of 3rd party apps to bring it up to scratch.

Sexy interface aside, Id love to see a side by side, every feature of windows mobile 6.1 and every feature of android, listing with it all the apps you would need to cover each of those features... just as a matter of interest, because Android is too often mentioned as a holy grail.

Tx for the heads up



October 14, 2008, 5:33 pm

@Mark - cos we have seen it and are extremely impressed for a version 1.0 OS. Being open source it should advance more quickly than any other platform too...

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