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HTC Vision a Desire With Physical Keyboard?

Gordon Kelly


HTC Vision a Desire With Physical Keyboard?

Love the HTC Desire, but still convinced you can't learn to type on a fast, responsive and intuitive touchscreen keyboard? HTC may well have something lined up for your inadequacies...

Late last week reference to an HTC handset called the 'Vision' emerged and now we understand it is going to be an HTC Desire with a physical Qwerty keyboard. Nothing more, nothing less (note: image a mock-up).

Consequently all the Desire goodies will be on offer: 3.7in WVGA OLED display, HSDPA/HSUPA, GPS, 1GHz CPU, 5MP camera with flash, etc, etc though whether it will come with Android 2.2 is unknown at this stage. If the Vision plans on launching any time in the next month, probably not.

Should the rumours bear out (most HTC leaks do) the big question will be how much bulk does the keyboard add onto the Desire's 119 x 60 x 11.9mm dimensions and 135g weight. As a guide, when HTC stuck a keyboard on the Touch Diamond and renamed it the Touch Pro the thickness jumped from 11.3mm to 18.1mm and the weight from 110g to 165g.

My tip: a virtual keyboard really isn't that hard to adapt to...



Image courtesy of BGR

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