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HTC Unveils 'Touch Pro' Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


HTC Unveils 'Touch Pro' Smartphone

Yes, it is slightly dubious branding (a 'Touch Pro' sounds like someone the Police should investigate) but it is impossible to deny the charms of HTC's latest super-smartphone...

Known previously as the HTC Raphael and subsequently rechristened the T-Mobile Vario IV, the Touch Pro has been officially announced by its creator today and brings with it the latest generation of the company's customised TouchFlo interface on top of a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. That however is just scratching the surface of the treats in store...

Interestingly marketed as a Touch Diamond with physical Qwerty keypad, it offers a 2.8in VGA touchscreen display plus 7.2Mbit HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, integrated GPS, a zippy 528MHz CPU, doubled up 256MB RAM/512MB ROM, a microSD expansion slot, FM tuner, multimedia playback and 3.2MP camera with front mounted VGAer for video calls.

As with all Qwerty sliders, the bulk is significant at 103 x 52 x 18mm and 158g though this actually works out as one of the lightest of its type on the market. The size also allows for a chunky battery to be fitted capable of 300 minutes talktime and 320 hours on standby.

Sadly HTC hasn't been specific about the launch date, describing it as only "late summer" but that still sounds better than previous reports we heard about Q4. All in all, it's looking a pretty good time for Steve Jobs to get on with that keynote...


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