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HTC Unveils 'HD2' Multi-touch Windows Phone

Gordon Kelly


HTC Unveils 'HD2' Multi-touch Windows Phone

Love it or hate it (our first impressions sadly place us closer to the latter camp): today is a Windows Phone day...

Still the highlight may not be Windows Phone at all, but the stupendous engineering feat HTC has managed to pull off in the shape of the ‘HD2' (formerly Leo). From a hardware perspective, the HD2 is a heart stopping piece of kit with a huge 4.3in touchscreen, 5MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash, HSUPA, WiFi, GPS and superfast 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. What's more, HTC has broken new ground with the HD2 bringing a capacitive 480 x 800 (WVGA), multi-touch display to Windows Mobile 6.5.

"The HTC HD2 Windows phone breaks new ground with its responsive, touch screen," said Microsoft Business senior VP Andy Lees in a statement which is far more humorous than I suspect he intended.

Furthermore, HTC has become arguably the industry leader in convincingly re-skinning Microsoft's dodgy user interfaces and it's excellent Sense UI should undo most of the damage still present in 6.5. As for the rest of the hardware rundown, the footprint is understandably large at 120.5 x 57mm and hefty at 157g, but at least it remains slim line at an iPhone-ish 11mm thick.

Battery life isn't bad either at up to 320 minutes talk time or 490 hours on standby though music playback isn't great at just 12 hours. That said, you'll be able to listen through a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, there's AVI video support, an FM tuner and the array of accelerometers and proximity sensors you'd expect in a smartphone these days.

One fly in the ointment however is the 512MB of native memory aboard. Windows Marketplace apps can currently only install on native memory so it won't matter if you have a 32GB microSD card or not, you could well run out of space pretty quickly. Bad Microsoft, bad!

Still HTC is pulling out all the stops and the HD2 will hit UK networks before the end of the month. An earlier leak suggests the HD2 on O2 is a formality, though HTC doesn't reference any single exclusive deal which - given the telco's horrendous data network problems - is probably a godsend to many. Would it be mean if I were to say the HTC HD2 could be the perfect phone... if it had Android on it?!


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