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HTC Unveils Advantage Successor

Gordon Kelly


HTC Unveils Advantage Successor

With the launch of the Shift and Advantage HTC certainly seems determined to build ever more powerful (and dare I say it) laptop-like smartphones. Just take a look at this...

The 'Omni' is the company's latest flagship product to be 'leaked' into the world (it happens far too often for it to be accidental) and features a huge 4in 800 x 480 touch screen display, HSDPA, GPS, WiFi, 256/128MB ROM/RAM, Windows Mobile 6, Bluetooth, TV/VGA out, a fully laid out keyboard (no thumbboard references here) and possibly the kitchen sink.

This latter feature (the keyboard, not the kitchen sink) is particularly impressive too since the device is relatively svelte at 130 x 81 x 16mm, though I wait with some trepidation about the weight...

Styling can best be described as Chocolate-esque and it certainly treads the grey line between smart phone and UMPC but seeing it makes me happy so let's hope for some release details in the near future...



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