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HTC Touch Successor Leaks

Gordon Kelly


HTC Touch Successor Leaks

While we tend to take all rumours with the prerequisite shovel loads of NaCl, HTC's ability to keep its impending handsets tightly under lock and key is little more effective than a caramel car tyre so I'm going to place some stock in this...

According to website What a Smart Idea, this is the official follow up to the somehow very successful HTC Touch and it's currently codenamed the 'Opal'.

Staggeringly similar on the outside, the handset also appears depressingly identical on the inside with a 2.8in QVGA display, WiFi, 2MP camera, no 3G, no GPS, a sluggish 200MHz CPU and just 128/256MB of RAM/ROM. In fact, it wrongs all the rights made by the Touch Plus (aka Touch Dual, aka Touch Slide). On a more positive note however HTC's improved (though not flawless) TouchFLO Windows Mobile 6.1 UI 'skin' will be present and given these specs refer to the US device we more connected Europeans may be due something of a 3G boost.

On the other hand, I had always considered the (still somewhat disappointing but far more powerful) HTC Touch Diamond the spiritual successor to the Touch so this - if true - is well, rather depressing...


via What a Smart Idea


September 10, 2008, 12:50 pm


The Touch form factor is actually really nice - nicer even than the iPhone. All they really needed to do to improve that handset was up the TouchFLo capabilities (done), put a faster processor in (though this may be countered by the faster version of windows), add a 3.5mm jack (plus decent audio hardware), and GPS would've been a nice bonus.

Sounds like a lot but other devices have managed it.

The lack of 3.5mm jack alone is reprehensible.


September 10, 2008, 2:16 pm

I have a Touch Dual and the only thing it is missing is GPS. If it had that it would be perfect. This really does seem like a step back.

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