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HTC Thunderbolt Set To Strike At CES

David Gilbert


HTC Thunderbolt Set To Strike At CES

It seems as if HTC are planning a big 2011 and we were looking forward to seeing what they had in store when we head to Las Vegas for CES next week. However the guys over at DroidLife have given everyone a sneak peak at one of the phones to be unveiled at the Show.

However, while we know the phone is probably real, what it will be called it still up for debate. It will probably be called the HTC Thunderbolt but has been called the Droid Incredible HD or the HTC Mecha in previous outings. Whatever its name, it looks like a beast of a phone and even sports a kickstand on the back to allow for movie watching.

The Thunderbolt will be the first 4G phone to hit the US provider Verizon and will go head to head with the other HTC 4G phone the Evo available on the Sprint network. The 4G will be provided by a LTE module though it is believed the phone won’t run on a dual core processor. The phone also has Google branding on the back which would indicate it could come pre-loaded with apps and features from the search giant. The phone looks like it is on the larger side of the smartphone market and looks quite similar to the Desire HD.

We will be covering everything HTC in Vegas next week and will report back all the details of this and any other phones the Taiwanese company shows off in Vegas.

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Source: DroidLife


December 29, 2010, 4:41 pm

It looks like the android bastard-child of the HD7 and Desire HD...the bottom being the HD7 and the top being the Desire HD...complete with HD7-esque kickstand.

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