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HTC Reveals Mini Touch Pro Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


HTC Reveals Mini Touch Pro Smartphone

While the Touch Diamond didn't thrill us as much as we'd hoped (like the hotly debated Samsung Omnia in our comments section) the as yet unreleased Touch Pro aims to please the side of the market who insist on a physical keyboard. Remarkably, HTC has now gone one better though and made a half way house between both the Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro...

The rather less glamorously named 'S740' aims to pull off this trick by being a more slender version of the Touch Pro - complete with matching styling and physical Qwerty keyboard. It also adds a physical keypad at the expense of a smaller 2.4in QVGA display and appears to significantly cut width (even if HTC hasn't provided any measurements).

A reduction in screen size apart however the S740 does keep its end up with 7.2Mbit HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS, Bluetooth 2.0, a Diamond and Pro matching 3.2MP camera and similarly overhauled Windows Mobile 6.1 backbone. Aside from the missing dimensions, HTC rather strangely hasn't detailed what - if any - storage is aboard (could it be taking the new Nokia route?) though a microSD expansion slot is in there.

Despite these omissions, the S740 (Touch Nano? Touch Petite? Touch A Bit?) is scheduled to hit the UK next month so we shouldn't be waiting long to fill in the missing details.

Highly promising methinks...

Update: Looks like the Touch title is out the window as the S740 will have no touchscreen functionality at all. Still, with the keypad and keyboard that probably isn't necessary and it may well just save us a few quid...


S740 Product Page

Oliver Levett

August 26, 2008, 6:54 pm

Like HTCs other smartphone (no touch screen, WM6/6.1 standard) devices - HTC S710, HTC S620 - I doubt this will get a fancy name at all...

Also, HTCs site has the dimensions on it: "Dimensions 116.3 mm (L) X 43.4 mm (W) X 16.3 mm (T)", although no mention of storage.

Oliver Levett

August 26, 2008, 6:55 pm

That is, apart from the 256MB RAM/ROM.


August 26, 2008, 9:52 pm

@Oliver - doesn't even mention the RAM/ROM but yes I suspect so.

Oliver Levett

August 26, 2008, 10:00 pm

On HTCs website, in the "Specification" section, it does have the ROM/RAM.

"Memory ROM: 256MB


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