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HTC & Parrot Paired

Gordon Kelly


HTC & Parrot Paired

I thought the aim of Parrot and HTC devices was that they would seamlessly work together already, but it appears both companies weren't happy to stop there.

In a deal announced today, the Windows Mobile smartphone guru and the Bluetooth peripherals specialist declared they have paired up (sorry, it's too good a pun not to use twice). They plan to 'develop improved compatibility and overall user experience between the companies' products' - whatever that means?

Despite being utterly vague, the duo do go on to say they they plan to align roadmaps, marketing efforts and channel development - presumably to bolster one another's market penetration and branding awareness. Things get no more specific with the quotes either:

"While HTC smart devices offer users one device for all their content, Parrot provides the easy-to-use wireless peripherals to release that content wherever and whenever the user wants," said Parrot CEO and founder Henri Seydoux, in his best mystic voice. "This enables HTC users to maximise the use of their devices through Parrot's technology."

Next up was Florian Seiche, VP of HTC Europe: "By working in tandem with Parrot we can enhance our offering of mobility and connectivity and add real value for all customers through providing them expanded capabilities to their devices."

Clear as mud.

Still, expect a bunch of logo swapping between these two progressive companies over the next 18 months and, well, if there is more you can do with Bluetooth peripherals than pair with them I'm sure they find it...


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