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HTC Leo Turns Up On O2 As 'HTC HD2'

Gordon Kelly


HTC Leo Turns Up On O2 As 'HTC HD2'

If you're hankering after what is quite easily the best Windows Mobile handset made to date, then hanker no longer - the wait is almost over...

O2 literature has leaked showing the HTC Leo, now renamed the HTC HD2, in all its glorious detail. The ad enthuses about the "largest screen yet seen on a mobile" (4.3in to be precise, and also capacitive and multi-touch). On top of that, will be Windows Mobile 6.5 (soon to be known as 'Windows Phone') and a lightning quick 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

O2 also promotes the Leo/HD2 as a "true entertainment phone {where} you can play the latest Windows Mobile games or watch movies in glorious widescreen". Gotta love, the marketing rhetoric, widescreen movies sure but Windows Mobile - even in its 6.5 guise is hardly an entertainment powerhouse and the games have barely developed beyond space invaders, for now.

When will the Leo/HD2 arrive? O2 says mid October, but don't be surprised if you have to wait a week or too longer. Yes, I know I said to stop hankering, but you can control yourselves for that long... right?


via Engadget

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