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HTC HD Desire Confirmed


HTC HD Desire Confirmed

Rumours have been flying about for some time now, but the imminent arrival of the HTC Desire HD, also known as the HTC Ace, has now been confirmed.

The phone has a listing on the Coming Soon section of Mobiles.co.uk, which is an affiliate of Carphone Warehouse.

Though its precise specs are still yet to be confirmed the phone should bring pretty much everything Android offers to the table right now, starting off with a massive 4.3in display, as featured on HTC’s Stateside only Evo 4G. Despite the increase in size the resolution remains at 480 x 800, so as the pixels-per-inch effectively drops the iPhone still has one-up here.

We’ll also have to wait and see whether this giant screen will enjoy AMOLED tech or use Sony’s SLCD tech – though we’d suggest the latter considering the Desire has itself been moved to this technology due to AMOLED shortages.

The next hardware improvement as expected is that the camera also will be upped from 5-megapixels on the Desire, to 8-megapixels on the Desire HD.

The other major difference is that Android 2.2 Froyo will be pre-installed on the handset, though that’s no more than you would expect for what should be the European flagship product.

We can’t confirm the presence of a new Uni-body Aluminium finish either, a la the HTC Legend, as pictures of the Desire HD have yet to emerge, but we remain hopeful as that would make a phone with looks that are as impressive as its hardware.

Also mentioned out in the wild is the arrival of the Desire Z, which should be the Desire with the addition of a sliding keyboard.

We did try to obtain further comment from HTC itself, but unsurprisingly it said that if would not comment on rumour or speculation. So no fun at all.

Link: HTC.com

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