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HTC Announces Mainstream Android Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


HTC Announces Mainstream Android Smartphone

Is your wallet feeling a little thin? Do you hanker over an Android smartphone? Then HTC has the answer for you... maybe.

The Taiwanese monolith has today announced the 'Tattoo', a midrange Android handset which incorporates the company's much lauded HTC Sense custom UI first seen on the Hero.

Specs are reasonably decent too with a 2.8in QVGA (320 x 240) capacitive touchscreen, 3.2MP autofocus camera, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, a 3.5mm headphone jack (learning, learning), 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM and a microSDHC expansion slot. A digital compass and accelerometer also make it inside while it's pocket friendly at 106 x 55.2 x 14mm and 113g. Where the Tattoo may suffer is in its 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 CPU. This is the same processor as used inside the Hero and if we have a criticism of the Hero it is that it can rather chug along.

Still it all sounds pretty good, so what is the 'maybe'? In fairness it is more of a pet peeve than deal breaker, since HTC promotes the Tattoo as "Android to all", but doesn't give any indication of price. Yes, we've seen this before with 'World's Lightest/Thinnest/Cheapest/Fastest' products which give no hint of their weight/measurements/cost/speed it's just annoying.

That said, with an October launch on the cards we won't have to wait long and given the roll HTC has been on recently I suspect both subsidised and unsubsidised Tattoo pricing will bring a smile to our faces...

Update: HTC has confirmed the 2.8in screen in the Tattoo will be resistive because, according to a company tweet, "Capacitive screens at small sizes are hard to be accurate with. Resistive ends up registering fewer miss-clicks."

What complete nonsense. It's a cost saving exercise, plain and simple and HTC you just fell at the last hurdle. Daft move.


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